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   Economic Theory Center (ETC), UCLA

*    Theory and related conferences

*    Economic and game theory forum

*    On line bibliography and archive


  Economists’ Websites (in alphabetical order)

*    Christian Hellwig  – UCLA

*    David K. LevineWashington University in St. Louis

*    Leeat Yariv – Cal Tech

*    William R. Zame – UCLA


  Free Books Online

*     McAfee, R. [2005]: Introduction to Economic Analysis, California Institute of Technology: Pasadena, California

*     Osborne, M. J. and A. Rubinstein [1990]: Bargaining and Markets, Academic Press: San Diego, California

*     Rubinstein, A. [1998]: Modeling Bounded Rationality, MIT Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England

*     Rubinstein, A. [2000]: Economics and Language, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom

*     Rubinstein, A. [2005]: Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory: The Economic Agent, Princeton University Press: Princeton

*     Sandholm, W. H. [2005]: Population Games and Evolutionary Dynamics, MIT Press


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